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Putting Arc Review of the MS-3D and T3 Travel arc by Kent Routen

the putting arc

Putting Arc Review by Kent Routen. I moved to Spain in 2017 and started playing golf in 2018. I played a lot of golf when I was a teenager and then off and on in my twenties and thirties. I really enjoyed getting back into my golf and I usually play once a week. However after 12 months I decided I really needed to get some golf lessons. I was recommended to contact Lloyd Evans who is the Golf Pro at Retamares Golf Club in Madrid. I contacted Lloyd and booked to meet him with my good golfing buddy Manolo. Our first lesson was free and we both bought 10 lessons and would go together for the group package.

Putting Arc Review by Kent Routen.

After about 3 lessons, Lloyd gave us a putting lesson and he showed us all the various putting aids he uses. Lloyd showed us his putting arc and explained how we can use it at home and on the putting green before each round of golf. I could see that this type of putting aid would be perfect to practice at home and so I asked Lloyd where I could buy one. He said to check out golf websites in the UK as there were no suppliers in Spain. I came across The Putting Arc and contacted the manufacturer in the US. I gave them a call and a month later I received the MS-3D and also the T3 Travel Arc as I wanted to test both to compare.

I was so impresses I bought 100 putting arcs and became the official distributor for Spain.

putting arc review

Lloyd was right as it was super easy to use and I started to develop a much better putting technique. After a month I can confidently say my putting improved completely and I rarely do any 3 putts. My score went from mid 90’s to the low 80’s. I use the MS-3D at home and keep the T3 Travel arc in my golf bag, to use on the practice putting green before I play each round. Kent Routen – Madrid.

Lloyd Evans Embajador Putting Arc

Lloyd Evans Golf Pro Madrid

Profesional de la PGA Británica y la PGA Alemana y más de 25 años involucrado en la enseñanza de Golf avalan la carrera de Lloyd Evans. La carrera de Lloyd arranca en Reino Unido como director del Redbourn Golf Club. En el 1994 se traslada a Alemania donde compaginó la enseñanza con su labor como coach de dos jugadores nacionales alemanes. En 2010 llega a España donde ha sido mano derecha de Jason Floyd European Tour Coach y sigue ejerciendo la enseñanza de este deporte.

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