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PGA Teaching Professional, Alison Curdt can help you improve your putting stroke!

The Putting Arc Reviews Alison Curdt

Perfect putting is a skill that every golfer is aspiring to learn. Accurate and precise putting will lead to lower scores and give you an extra edge on the course.

Golf teaching professional Alison Curdt breaks down how the Putting Arc can improve your putting. Practice makes perfect and this golf putting training tip, along with the incredible putting arc training aid, will make your putting amazing in no time at all.

Master you Golf Putting with Alison Curdt

No golfer has a true straight back and straight through putting stroke. All putting strokes have a natural arc. In this video I show you how I use the golf putting arc training aid to help practice my putting arc stroke. This golf practice technique helps me to train and keep my stroke 100% consistent.

Golf putting training video thanks to Dr. Alison Curdt @AlisonCurdtGolf

Lydia Ko LPGA golfer uses the Putting Arc.

The Putting Arc user Lydia Ko
The Putting Arc user Lydia Ko

If you are looking to shave strokes off your short game, get yourself a Putting Arc today!

With just a few minutes of practice EVERY day, your putting stroke can be transformed into one that is arc-like and on-plane, just like the putting strokes of the top touring pros.

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Be like the successful players of golf and get your own Putting Arc!

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